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Episode 51: Profiles Beyond Academia: Loftus (Fame 4/6) Psychosocial Distancing

Episode 51 of our book read/podcast covering open-source textbooks and other topics to act as a free supplement to topics on psychology. We move into a Flex/Summer discussion as we gear up for Season 3: Cognitive Psychology. In this episode we celebrate ONE YEAR of this project and continue our multi-part discussion on academic celebrities and celebrity academics, with special guest Dr. Alyssa Jones!!!! In part four we go beyond academia into the world of book tours, corporate gigs, and where is becomes harder and harder to balance the public celebrity you have become with the academic work that built you up. Do you turn your back on it all together? Do you twist it to stay in the spotlight? Do you have the drive to move further into the celebrity sphere? PSD on Anchor and all major outlets: PSD Website: Thomas' Webpage: Thomas' Twitter: Daniel's Twitter: Bias of the Week: Obsequiousness Bias
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  5. Episode 47: PSD With a Twist

Welcome to the Psychosocial Distancing podcast!

Here, Dr. Daniel Chadborn and I work our way through open-access psychology texts to provide real world applications, interviews with researchers at the cusp of knowledge, and nerdy, psychology banter.

Season 1 features Principles of Social Psychology (2015)

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