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Episode 40: Trust Based Relational Interventions Psychosocial Distancing

Episode 40: Season 2, Episode 16 of our book read/podcast covering every chapter in an open-source textbook to act as a free supplement to INTRODUCTORY PSYCHOLOGY. In this episode we discuss Health and Trauma with special guest Dr. Angie Proctor. We discuss trauma, TBRI, and broaden our discussion to trauma experiences in students from elementary through graduate school. Textbook: PSD Website: Thomas' Webpage: Thomas' Twitter: Daniel's Twitter: Dr. Angie Proctor’s website: Purvis Institute of Child Development: Bias of the Week: Peltzman Effect
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Welcome to the Psychosocial Distancing podcast!

Here, Dr. Daniel Chadborn and I work our way through open-access psychology texts to provide real world applications, interviews with researchers at the cusp of knowledge, and nerdy, psychology banter.

Season 1 features Principles of Social Psychology (2015)

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